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Note. Beta release for advance user. please verify electical connection carefully before use. Mainboard only CPU, stepper driver not included Design for replacing the stock cetus mainboard MK1 2 and 3.  For use with Pololu style stepper driver, Please insert the driver in the correct orientation. Supportingpololu style stepper driver (a pair of motor wire need to cross over depends on the driver install to make the direction correct)stock Cpustock MK1/2, MK3 Heatbed,stock ZprobetinyFab CputinyFab Heatbed (10pin or 12pin FFC)pin out for BL touch Mounting bracket for MK1/2 Schematic note the CPU pinout is swapped by the bracketSchematic download here

TinyFab Mainboard (BETA)

£40.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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