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  • What is tinyfab CPU?
    tinyfab CPU is a third party replacement CPU for use with tiertime UP! plus/mini and the Cetus 3D printer. The cpu runs smoothieware which is an opensource firmware and supports native gcode communication and multiple software to control the printer directlty like repetier-host, simplify3D and even octoprint.
  • How does the tinyfab CPU works?
    Simply unplug the existing stock CPU and install the tinyfab cpu. Make sure the pin on the CPU is aligned and match with the same pin to the mainboard i.e pin 1 to pin 1. download the appropriate config file from the support page and save it in the SD card, on power up the CPU will read the config file (stored in the SD card on the mainboard) to find the parameter needed by the firmware. User will need to verify the X,Y and Z axis movement and adjust the maximum z height after homing. Once it is verified the printer is ready to accept Gcode. more advance setting are documented in
  • The axis is going the wrong way!!
    Don't panic. it can be reverse in the config file. Because of different variation the printer may inverted the travel direction. To make things right, just add or subtract a "!" to the axis direction pin in the config file ie. alpha_dir_pin 0.5!
  • Temperature is incorrect
    The motor must be on in order for the temperature to be detected normally. Also the default config tuned the temperature accuracy for printing temperature therefore at room temperature it may seem lower then normal.
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