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Note: this is not compatible with the Stock Cetus MK3 heatbed


This is Custom heatbed driver board for use with the tinyFab CPU Version V3R3 or greater (please check the hardware version on the cpu)
support connection to tinyFab heatbed or the Cetus MK1 / MK2 stock heatbed.


MK3 version heatbed driver provides conversion of Flat Flex Cable (FFC) Connection from the MK3 Mainboard to the stock MK1/2 and the tinyfab heatbed. MK3 driver board also provide a seperate wired cable channel for external power.


For MK3 version the heat bed enable pin for the FFC is P2.5 and the wired channel enable pin is P0.4.


For MK1/2 version both channel enable pin FFC and wired is P0.4


The tinyfab cpu bed thermister pin is P0.26 

  • 1 x tinyFab heatbed driver board
  • 1 x 100kohm NTC thermistor
  • 1 x control cable (to CPU)
  • 1 x FFC cable (to mainboard)

Heatbed Driver Only for tinyfab CPU

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