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Cetus 3D printer Heat bed PID controller
for stock or tinyFab heated bed, no tinyfab CPU required
Take control of your heat bed!!!
Standalone controller for stock CPU Cetus 3D printer MK1 / MK2 only.
Custom add on heat bed controller for stock Cetus 3d printer.
Manual / source code:
  • 1 x tinyFab heatbed driver board
  • 1 x tinyFab heatbed controller board (Arduino based)
  • 1 x 100kohm NTC thermistor B-3950
  • 1 x control cable
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1 x short FFC cable
  • Open source Arduino powered free to use and modify
  • support timer mode, turn off after set time 10hr max
  • safety cut off time limit
  • designed to be mounted on the Cetus Z pillar
Dimension 100mmX20mm
  • Input max 24V 10A
  • Dual Channel (CH1 for Cetus, CH2 generic )
  • Optical isolated for CH2 (CH1 input Must be attached to provide power to the controller)
Dimension 50mmX30mm

Cetus MK1/2 3D Heatbed PID Controller + Driver

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