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Full graphical 2' inch 12864 LCD control panel for use with tinyFab CPU V3R3 or above 


The LCD panel plug directly to the panel connector on the CPU. Provide offline control to the printer micro SD for direct GCODE printing.


Note: Please select your current tinyfab CPU version V3/4 or V5, the CPU version is marked on the CPU PCB.


V3/4 Provide the 5V to the LCD , CPU V5 Provide 3.3V to the LCD, therefore cannot mix.


WARNING : (For CPU version 3/4) It has been reported on some UP! mini mainboard the 5V source to the CPU can be faulty so no power supply to the LCD , please check there is 5V source on the CPU before purchase, thank you. 


The 5V pin is located at connector P2 pin 19


Firmware upgrade required for CPU prior to March 2018.  New firmware is now availble from the support page


*For best user experience please order together with the CPU

Full graphical LCD panel

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