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***This is a USB version. Only direct USB connection is availble.


3rd party custom CPU made specifically for UP plus, UP mini, cetus 1/2 and 3


This CPU will transform your printer to an open source printer, unleash your printer to even more possibility, run native GCODE on your printer.
This CPU board runs the smoothieware firmware so you can no longer use the UP slicer program.


You can use popular gcode slicer like Sli3er, Cura* and send it to the printer via Repeiter-Host, as well as octoprint running off a raspberry pi.

*Cura version 3.2+


Plug and play no soldering required. However it is likely required some tinkering with initial setup and the slicing program to suit your needs, but its fun!!! :)


Changes from CPU version V4

  • one more GPIO input is brought out to support the new CETUS MK3 mainboard for use with filiment sensor 
  • a uart connection is brought out to the Cetus MK3 screen port however this is not currently supported
  • 3.3V is provided to the LCD panel instead of 5V

TinyFab UP!/Cetus CPU V5 (USB)

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