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Fabrikator mini v2 heatbed upgrade !!!
1x Premium Aluminium Heated Bed 15W/60W (actual power may vary on temperature)
15W/60W dual mode recommended PSU 12V 10A or higher
Unique Aluminium PCB Heated bed custom made for Hobby King Fabrikator Mini 2
Ideal for replacing uneven plated and provide faster heating
Print size - X102mm x Y102mm x 2mm thick
Two coil design - in series and parallel
Coil Resistance - 5 ohm @ 25C approx.
Power - 15W,1.2A / 60W,4.8A @12Volt approx.
populated two status LEDs (dual polarity) and a resistor
populated 1% thermistor Murata NCP18WF104F12RB B constant 4200
60W config capable of reaching 100 degree C in 2 to 3 minutes.
Please make sure your power supply support the current drawn by the heated bed. 

Mini Fabrikator V2 (II) aluminium Heatbed

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