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Must Have Addon for your Fabrikator mini v1/1.5 !!!
1x Premium Aluminium Heated Bed 15W/60W (actual power may vary on temperature)
15W/60W dual mode
Unique Aluminium PCB Heated bed custom made for Hobby King Fabrikator Mini by tinyboy 3D Printer. also work with original tinyboy v1 printer.
Ideal for replacing damaged acrylic build platform, Heated.
Minimum size - X97.2m x Y91.2mm x 2mm thick (please check your printer bed size)
Two coil design - in series and parallel
Coil Resistance - 5 ohm @ 25C approx.
Power - 15W,1.2A / 60W,4.8A @12Volt approx.
populated two status LEDs (dual polarity) and a resistor
populated 1% thermistor Murata NCP18WF104F12RB B constant 4200
4x 18AWG 250mm 150degree C silicon wires*
1x 2pin XH2.54 24AWG silicon wires for sensor*
(*wires ship unsoldered please leave a note if you required soldering on to the board)
60W config capable of reaching 100 degree C in 2 to 3 minutes.
Please make sure your power supply support the current drawn by the heated bed.

Mini Fabrikator V1/1.5 aluminium Heatbed

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