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Control PANEL

2.0" 12864 LCD

Compatible with tinyFab CPU and RAMPS (adapter required)

Micro SD card slot

Total control for your UP! / Cetus 3D Printer

Transform your UP!/mini  Cetus 3D printer to native GCODE compatible, print directly from  Repetier-Host, Simplify3D and even Octo Pi !!

Runs with opensource firmware - Smoothieware

Direct stock CPU replacement 

Ready to use printer profile

GCODE compatible CPUs for UP! /Cetus



ABOUT founded in 2016 providing quality bespoke aftermarket accessories for off the shelf 3D printers. We also design custom electronics on request at a very competitive price. If you have an interesting idea please feel free to drop us a message.

"Excellent - my Up! is working with Cura!"

"Yeah!!! Gcode cpu works great on my up3d mini! Thanks!!! Top seller A* :)"

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